Clear foliage and climb ledges, to get those precious berries! Outdoor expert Berry H will do anything for blueberries, in this relaxing platformer with a light puzzle element.

In fullscreen mode, please press Ctrl + a couple of times in order to make the game window as big as desired.

For an optimal experience, you may want to play Berry Quest: Norwegian Woods in a reasonably modern web browser. The game requires a keyboard and a mouse or mousepad, so mobile platforms are not supported.

It's supposed to be possible to jump right into the game and figure out how to control Berry gradually. However, if you're stuck, scroll down for a small manual...


Walk:  left/right arrow keys

Jump: Shift key

Crawl: down arrow key
Stop crawling: up arrow key

Activate/switch equipment: up arrow key
Use equipment: walk left/right
Disactivate equipment: down arrow key

Climb up: 
* Stand in the proper direction under a ledge
* Disactivate equipment if any
* Press up arrow key

Climb down:
 * Stand on a ledge
 * Disactivate equipment if any
 * Press down arrow key

Catch onto ledge: left/right arrow keys 

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